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Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, I finally got my layout finished. My grandaughter has her first 'poorly', bless her. Kids always manage to find the bit of broken glass you've missed, don't they?

I've been out taking photographs today too. I'm in a Circle Journal and the book I'm doing at the mo is about where people live, so I had to go and get some pics of my village for it. I have to say, I quite enjoyed myself.
Snails grabbed my attention today too. Dead ones, lol. So, pics of those too and I used my macro lens for some close-ups of the shells. Have you ever studied a snail shell? They're quite beautiful, you know.


WeirdCat said...

Aww poor M, bet she got lots of kisses to make it better, great LO

Bobs said...

Yep - if there's something to hurt themselves on, they'll find it!
Poor wee mite. I bet it hurt like crazy.

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