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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As usual, I did have all my running around to do today, but got it all done quite quickly and managed to spend the rest of the day in my craft room. Yesterday was beading day but today....it was clay day. I absolutely love working with Polymer Clay. I've been using it for a couple of years now and sometimes I think I'm still not very good but other times, I'm really chuffed with what I turn out. It's a fantastic medium to work with and so versatile.
My oven has just beeped at me and I've taken some beads out. My electric bill has probably shot up today as the oven has been on for most of it, lol.
I am trying a technique for the first time pioneered by the fabulous clay artist Jeffrey Lloyd Dever. I've been doing his pod beads for hours and hours and they are... well, to say they're looking far removed from his is an understatement, lol. Still, practice makes perfect as they say. The final baking has just come out of the oven but they'll have to wait until tomorrow (well, today now) to be finished off. You never know my luck, they may just be OK.

1 comment:

WeirdCat said...

Can't wait t see the results

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