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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, I got my CJ pages finished, so that's another job done. Can't post piccies though 'cause it will spoil it for Bobs if she visits me here, as it's her journal.

I told you yesterday that I've been looking at snail shells the last few days and decided they're actually quite nice, so here's a couple of the pics I took.

I also found this bug that I thought was dead so took a pic and then his leg moved, lol.I popped him on a leaf and he legged it.

I got plenty of other pictures too, including one I called Suicide Pact, as it was a whole bunch of snails dead in a bucket of water. What possesses them, eh? Beer I can understand, but water!!!!!

I'm in the mood to do some jewellery now. I got a fabulous new lampworked bead today made by Claire Doherty of clasibeads, with real silver drizzles on it and it's just gorgeous so I may do that tomorrow. Or, I may get my polymer clay out and play with that instead.


WeirdCat said...

Great pictures of the shells but yuck to the bugs!!

Bobs said...

Gorgeous shells, but like Ruth, I think the bug is really fugly!!!
Don't know how you could have touched it! Ack!

Candie said...

Interesting to know.

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