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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, we had a super weekend here. My daughter held a big barbeque party for family and friends to celebrate my granddaughter's 2nd b/day. Mia had a wonderful time playing with all her new toys and bouncing on her new trampoline with all her little friends. My son, Lee, whom I've not seen for nearly two years came up from London to join us and it was a good do all round. :o)

Anyway, onto MAKE SOMETHING NICE my other 'new' blog. I will be posting tutorials over there so hopefully, you'll find something you like to inspire you. I'll start with some I did in the past, so you may well have seen the techniques before, although new crafters may not have done. New techniques and tutes will follow though, so keep your eyes open and you may yet discover something new. The link has been added to the sidebar.

Now, I must get on and finish a 60th b/day card I have to make. It's causing me a nightmare as my Craft Robo decided to give me grief and ruined 3 sheets of card, including my last brown sheet. Still, never mind, I'm sure I'll cope, lol.

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Maria said...

keep up the good blogging work!

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