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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, I've finally finished my box. If it's suitable, it will hold a handmade silver rattle for a special little boy's christening.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've got quite a bit of crafting done over the last few days. I've made some more polymer clay necklaces, none of which have reached my website before being sold. *grin* As I've not photographed them yet, here's one I made earlier. This one never reached the website either. I managed to get some beaded ones done too, one of which will actually get on to L.R. Designs.

I've made some cards too and played around with a Versamark resist technique for some backgrounds.

I was also asked by a fellow beader if I would make a box for a handmade silver rattle she's made for a christening. After a few false starts and some problems with my Krylon Silver Leafing pen, I finally made good progress today. It's all covered and just waiting to have the embellishments put on it. I'm hoping to get that finished tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, here they are. Into a third day in the making and I definitely need more practice, but for a first attempt, I'm quite chuffed. However, Jeffrey if you read this, don't panic, lol. You're under NO threat from me. Ha, ha, ha.

Now, I have to go and finish a commission I have for a polymer pendant. Much easier to do though, thank goodness.

I went for lunch at my friends today. I go every Wednesday and thoroughly enjoy myself. I always have a couple of glasses of wine too (or port) and as I'm not a big drinker, especially at lunch times, I'm always a bit wobbley on a Wednesday afternoon, so I better be careful with my craft knife, lol.


Whew!!!! another full day working on these pod bead things. I never realised when I started just how long they would take to make. I've only made 3 too....but one is rubbish so I'll only be using 2 in a piece of jewellery. They need multiple bakings, each of 30 mins, plus all the work in between. A couple of times I've had to bake them just for a teeny weeny bit of clay in a hole.

I thought I'd finished all the baking last night, but no...wrong!!!! Loads more had to be done today when I started putting the holes in. Jeez, they're difficult. I will finish them tomorrow, I swear I will. At the moment though, enough is enough, I need my bed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As usual, I did have all my running around to do today, but got it all done quite quickly and managed to spend the rest of the day in my craft room. Yesterday was beading day but today....it was clay day. I absolutely love working with Polymer Clay. I've been using it for a couple of years now and sometimes I think I'm still not very good but other times, I'm really chuffed with what I turn out. It's a fantastic medium to work with and so versatile.
My oven has just beeped at me and I've taken some beads out. My electric bill has probably shot up today as the oven has been on for most of it, lol.
I am trying a technique for the first time pioneered by the fabulous clay artist Jeffrey Lloyd Dever. I've been doing his pod beads for hours and hours and they are... well, to say they're looking far removed from his is an understatement, lol. Still, practice makes perfect as they say. The final baking has just come out of the oven but they'll have to wait until tomorrow (well, today now) to be finished off. You never know my luck, they may just be OK.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Apart from a quick visit to the village, I've been beading most of the day. I made 4 necklaces including one using the fabulous lampworked bead made by Claire Doherty that I mentioned yesterday.

All I have to do now, is get round to putting them up on my website.

Well, it's Monday now. NOT my fave day of the week as I always seem to do loads of running around on a Monday, but hopefully I'll find some time to do some more crafting.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, I got my CJ pages finished, so that's another job done. Can't post piccies though 'cause it will spoil it for Bobs if she visits me here, as it's her journal.

I told you yesterday that I've been looking at snail shells the last few days and decided they're actually quite nice, so here's a couple of the pics I took.

I also found this bug that I thought was dead so took a pic and then his leg moved, lol.I popped him on a leaf and he legged it.

I got plenty of other pictures too, including one I called Suicide Pact, as it was a whole bunch of snails dead in a bucket of water. What possesses them, eh? Beer I can understand, but water!!!!!

I'm in the mood to do some jewellery now. I got a fabulous new lampworked bead today made by Claire Doherty of clasibeads, with real silver drizzles on it and it's just gorgeous so I may do that tomorrow. Or, I may get my polymer clay out and play with that instead.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, I finally got my layout finished. My grandaughter has her first 'poorly', bless her. Kids always manage to find the bit of broken glass you've missed, don't they?

I've been out taking photographs today too. I'm in a Circle Journal and the book I'm doing at the mo is about where people live, so I had to go and get some pics of my village for it. I have to say, I quite enjoyed myself.
Snails grabbed my attention today too. Dead ones, lol. So, pics of those too and I used my macro lens for some close-ups of the shells. Have you ever studied a snail shell? They're quite beautiful, you know.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've been trying to do a scrapbook layout this evening and I'm getting nowhere fast with it. I have my pics and I have my design but just can't choose the papers. Grrrrrrrr!!!! It's so annoying.

I've also paid a visit to my photography site. Sometimes I like to look at my own photos and it's ages since I've put any new ones up. Something else I need to do.

My jewellery site is sadly lacking in new pieces too, lol.

It's not as if I'm short of time. Not really. Certainly not compared to many other people I know, and yet, I still get nothing done.

Mind you, one thing I DID get done was to go away last weekend. I met up with all my lovely friends from The Canny Crafters (or Lou's Loonies as we're also called) and we had a great time. We chatted, laughed, drank, ate and...oh, yeah - got a bit of crafting done too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This post is for my friend Kerrie Slade who on August 11th has an Awareness Pins project available on Beading Daily and as you can see from the picture they are fantastic, there's 2 sides to this project- a charity fundraiser and a contest.
Please check out her blog for further details as she's put a lot of time and effort into this and is a lovely and very special person who deserves everyone's support in this. Please click on Kerrie's name and help if you can.


Had a very busy week this week. Mind you, it's not over yet. I've done shed loads of housework and still more to do. I've let it get into a dreadful mess. Too busy crafting, see. I've neglected everything else.

I'm going on a craftweekend this weekend and I'm teaching 3 classes so there's quite a bit of prep for that. Most of it is finished but still a bit more to do.

I've not been feeling too well lately either, but I'll not bore you with all that. It doesn't help when you've loads to do though. Anyway, still no piccies to show you. I could put the weekend projects up, but don't want to spoil it for anybody coming to the weekend if they happen to pop over here.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Well, I figured it was time I updated my blog. I've changed to this new easy edit template finally, so I'm now playing around and seeing what's what.

I'm a lousy blogger, lol, but I will make an effort to update more regularly. I may even put some piccies up of some of my crafting as well as my photography and photoshop stuff.
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