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Monday, October 08, 2007

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!

What a blurdy day - and it's not even over yet.

I was up all night again, just can't shut my brain down, so I'm mega tired. Had visitors this morning, then had to take Mum for her Monday cuppa with a friend, then take her to docs for blood tests, rush home, get her lunch and pick DD up to take her to Boston. OK, that doesn't sound so bad, I hear you say, except for the fact that, that is a lot for me to do in my less than busy life.

So, we get to Boston and it's peeing it down. The Citizens Advice Bureau is closed, so we had to walk to the other end of town in the rain to the Estate Agents. Apparently DD had promised them some money today, which I hadn't realised, so I sent her to empty my bank account.

Still peeing it down, my hair is sticking to the back of my neck, my glasses are falling off my head, my shoes are killing me and my very long leather coat was flapping round my legs upsetting me.

Off we pop to the supermarket, where being a beginner with a pushchair, I promptly get the wheels caught up in a display cage and drag it down the isle with me. Of course, I was getting admiring glances from all around, NOT....gets to the till and muggins here forgets the pin number for the credit card. Not having enough cash with me, and Nic already emptying my paltry current account - stands back, takes 50 deep breaths, remembers number and pays for shopping. Whew!!!!!

Mia, by this time is hungry and tired and screaming. Deep joy.

Crosses car park, and some pillock decides to reverse his car without looking. Screams and frantic gesticulations get him to hit his brakes before he sent us all flying.

OK...nearly done. We get home, thankfully in one piece and then my piece de resistance....I fall over just outside Nic's house. My ankle just turned. The worst of this is I had Mia in her car seat in my arms. I had no way of stopping my fall, and my priority was getting Mia to the deck in one piece, which I did, but with quite a jolt. She's OK though. As for me, I have a very painful ankle and 2 very sore knees one of them very, very sore. It's grazed and swollen too.

So, I'm thinking nothing else could happen...WRONG....I burnt the bloody toad in the hole for tea.

I always wonder how you can scrape and bloody your knees without getting a mark on your jeans too. That's always puzzled me.

1 comment:

Bobs said...

I know I left a comment on the forum too, but here are more hugs for you {{{{hugs}}}}

Go have a couple of Grouses - that might send you to sleep .... or if they don't, you may not even care!! lolol


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