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Sunday, October 14, 2007


LO's of my granddaughter. I'm trying to catch up to date with her album. I've just got all my papers to do her Christening pages, so hopefully will get cracking on them soon. I've got a CJ to do this week ready for posting on Thursday too. I can't believe she's 3 months old already. She smiles all the time and has started laughing now too. Sooooooooooo cute.

My leg is still sore and I've had to put a plaster over my knee this morning. As I wear trousers all the time, they're rubbing it and it's not helping it to heal. Oh well, should have done that days ago.

1 comment:

Bobs said...

Ooooh she's soooo delicious! Love that smile. Every one is precious.

Love her wee shoes too!!! SO cute!

Hope your knee heals soon. If I ever scrape or cut my legs, they always take forever to heal. Miust be a sign of getting old!! lol

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