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Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's been a few days since I blogged again, but I've been busy, busy. I decided some time ago that I didn't like my jewellery website so I've spent most of the week updating it. I've changed the design and layout slightly and am much happier with it now. A nice fresh face. I've also got a few more bits of jewellery made and have some more in progress.

I took my granddaughter shopping the other day, as I thought I'd buy her a new pair of shoes. OMG!!!!! her little feet are only about 3 inches long and what a price those shoes are. £26 'eek!', but, they are soooooooo cute. I couldn't resist buying her one of the all singing all dancing Baby Annabell dolls too, so a fairly expensive afternoon, but hey ho! I loved it.

So, not a lot of money left for stash, but I am waiting for some new stamps from Graphicus. One set so I'm better able to do the technique I showed you last week and another set of gorgeous greeting stamps with interchangeable outer frames. I'm still playing with the glimmer inks, but not getting on very well. I really don't think they're my cup of tea at all, and I should have known this, 'cause I'm not into sparkly at all really. The colours look so vibrant in the bottles but are actually very pale (insipid some of them) so I doubt I'll get much use from them.

Right now, I have some jigsaw pieces to scan in for a jiggy topper swap done over at Canny Crafters and as swap host, I've to get them all in the post tomorrow so I better go and get cracking.


Bobs said...

Aye - the price of kids shoes is indeed shocking!

I've always fancied those Glimmer Inks, but have never been able to afford them.

Can't wait to see what you do with your new stamps!

WeirdCat said...

Looking forward to the stamps and the layout of the shoes!

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