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Saturday, May 19, 2007


What do you think of my new template? I'm going to miss my fly, but I know not many other people liked it, pmsl.

I went out for a chinese meal last night. I only had a couple of voddy's and half a bottle of red, and boy, do I feel rough.

I must be getting old - can't take the pace anymore, lol.

It was a lovely meal though. We went to the Golden Dragon in Woodhall Spa and the food is lovely. I had the most gorgeous spicy mussels for starters. I'd never had them before but would defo have them again. Perhaps they were a little salty, but that's all.

I slept really badly and am really tired today. I tried doing a bit of cross stitch, but didn't get far. I kept falling asleep.

1 comment:

Hysteri-CAL said...

Really love the new-look Blog - its well cool !

Congrats again on Baby Mia xx

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