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Sunday, May 13, 2007


Jeez, it's ages since I've been here. I must make more of an effort.

What have I been up to. Well, not a lot really. How boring eh? Mind you, I have built a website. It's simple and straightforward but I did it all myself in Dreamweaver. I make handcrafted jewellery and sell it through my site. www.lrdesigns.me.uk why not pay me a visit and see if there's anything you or someone special in your life might like.

I also did my first Photoshop presentation at my local camera club. I was very nervous, but it was a great success. Having said that, I have to go back this Wednesday to show them something again. A couple didn't quite 'get it'. Hmmmm, maybe not such a success then, eh? lol. Anyway, they've invited me to join their club and I might just do it. Would give me an excuse to leave the house other than a visit to co-op.

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