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Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am totally enjoying my 5th online workshop with Andy Skinner.  This one is called 'The Book of Ruination' and we've learnt yet more techniques to use in our altered art.  If you're in to this kind of stuff, you really should sign up for one of his workshops.

These are my first 2 projects.  The skelly had a bit of a rough time.  His suffered purple poison and the knife is still sticking out of his chest too!!!!  I think I rushed the inside of the book a bit, so might add something else or do it again.

This is already hanging on my wall.  I used one of those cheap MDF plaques you can get and used the same techniques as the book.  This one however, is finished better as the 'holes' are more prominent, as they should be.


MargeGoh said...

Wow this is just amazing! I love it very much. You really have a great passion. Have a good weekend ahead & Happy Easter!

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

WOW this is totally fabulous!!!! I need to check out that website for the classes it sounds like lots of fun. Do you need to take them live or are they pretaped? Since I work it might be hard unless they are at night or the weekend...

Michaela said...

Hi Lorraine
Just when I thought you could not surprise me, here you are with another 2 gorgeous pieces. I am admiring the texture you managed to create and it looks so polished too. Loving what you made yourself for the wall too..... lots of brilliant elements to look at!
Michaela xx

xxxtglxxx said...

This is awesome Lorraine! :) That book looks so grungy, I dont think I would want to pick it up! lol :)

Beautiful texture, colours and effects - its brilliant :)

Wishing you a Happy Easter hun!



Eileen said...

Amazing work Lorraine. The texture you have created is unbelievable. That book looks as if it has been in a crypt for hundreds of years.
Smiling here as I am attempting something with clocks and cogs for a future challenge, I could do with some lessons from you
Eileen x

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