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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm always grateful for new followers, but sometimes, more than others.  Today, I'd like to thank Calamity for becoming my new follower as I then found her fabulous blog in return.  She does some stunning work.  Today she used a gorgeous corset stamp but couldn't remember who made it.  I knew I had it, so I went rooting through my box of old wood mounted stamps to find it.   Not only did I find the corset, but also shed loads of other gorgeous stamps that I used to love and completely forgot I had.

I have three drawers full of unmounted rubber and clear stamps and tend to use these, but having re-found this little treasure trove, I shall be going through them and using them again.  With about 800 stamps in total, I suppose it's hard to remember all the ones you have and even harder to actually use them, but I'm going to set myself a goal to use at least half of these old ones in the next couple of months.

My fave style is vintage/shabby/distress but being on the ILPM design team, I use a lot of digi images and 'cute' stuff.   I wonder how many of these stamps are suitable for colouring with Promarkers and how many I can actually use for my DT cards???  I think I might start though with my T.H. tag for February.


xxcalamityxx said...

Oh my goodness !! WOW !! So many stamps Lorraine, I can't wait to see what you come up with from them. My goal in return will be to practice lots with my Promarker's as I have quite a few but rarely use them on my cards. I do get them out to de-stress after a late shift at work (Often seen blending away at 10 at night trying to chill before getting back up at 6 to do it all again!!) but then the images never get made into anything lol !! I think I'm going to enjoy being your newest stalker (Love it!!) xhugsx Nikki

Michaela said...

Hi Lorraine
Oh WOW, 800 stamps! how much space does that take up (LOL). I have only about 3, everything else is cluttering up my hard drive (LOL). Looking forward to you using some of your old and loved treasures.
Michaela xx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

I know what you mean when we first get our stamp we use them so much and then they lay around forgotten . I normally find them when looking for something else. Ginny x

Karen said...

Lol, I'm with Ginny regarding stamps, I also have this Corset stamp too....


MargeGoh said...

Oh WOW!!! That's a lot; admiring the picture. At the same time dreaming it all belong to me ;p

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