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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So....I thought I'd try something different (well, different for me). I made a tri-fold card. I don't actually think I'll be making many of these though 'cause it took forever to cut all the panels to fit and then cut the inner panel mats too, lol. Still, I must admit, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out and being a fan of certain shades of green, I think this looks lovely and fresh. They're a doddle to make too.

I've also succumbed to the 'craze' of Promarkers. Had to be the ProM's as I couldn't afford Copics and most definitely couldn't afford Tria's, lol. I had a bit of a practice with them tonight and at the moment, I'm not too impressed. The bullet tip is bigger than I thought it would be, so colouring around fine details is quite difficult. I also found my ink was bleeding too but I reckon that's probably the card I'm using as it's a little porous, so I've just been to an office supply store and bought myself a couple of packs of concord smooth white. I've heard that it's great for using with these pens, so fingers crossed it is or I'll be left with 200 unwanted index card thingies, lol.

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