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Sunday, March 02, 2008


I feel very honoured today. Photoshop guru, David Rowley (davrodigital) asked me if he could use my pic of Mia (the one below) for a video tutorial on doing High Key in Photoshop. It's on his web site and this months Digital Photography magazine (issue 67) have picked it up and it's on the disc that comes with the mag.

How cool is that???

To make things better, my son is coming home tomorrow. I've not seen him for ages as he works in Dubai now and doesn't get back very often.

I'm going to have lunch with my friends tomorrow, which is brill, as I don't have to cook, lol.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you mums out there (well, any of you that read this, that is).


Bobs said...

Well done! I just think it's so cool to have the gorgeous Mia on display in a fabby glossy phot mag - AND on the disc as well! Woohoooo!!

WeirdCat said...

If I comment does that mean you will make another post on this very stylish looking blog?

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