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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well, I really don't know what to say. I'm obsessed with bugs at the mo. Flies, beetles, locusts, you name it and I want it. This fly was settled on my monitor the other day, so I snapped him quick. The locust was a photograph that my forum buddy, Gary Olsen, kindly let me use. Battle of the bugs, eh?

I've had a couple of black beetles in the house recently, but the little buggers move too quick for me to photograph them. I can't bring myself to stomp on them or put them in the fridge for a bit though, lol.


jo said...

Well what can I say? Very interesting , lots to look at, but yes, your obsessed. lol

mialrky said...

hey thanks for the help in the forum, and i was flicking though advanced photoshop today and say an image i remebered and it was yours! tomato ketcup flood one very cool to get in a magazine!

yrn2lrn said...

Really nice work! You have quite an imagination. I came upon your blog while checking out the 'Photoshop Creative' forum.

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